b. 1992

Ralph Joseph Lucchese III is a Staten Island, New York filmmaker, raised in the Pocono Mountains, PA. He joined the United States Air Force in December 2011, but his military career was cut short due to a car accident that unfortunately cost him his right ankle in July 2014. He served four and a half years and on April 2016, he received an honorable discharge for his time in service.

After being discharged, Ralph moved to Hollywood to pursue directing and enrolled at The Los Angeles Film School. Over the past couple of years, Ralph has directed and produced multiple short films, music videos, and documentaries.


He has had his hands in multiple projects and continues his filmmaker career as a director and producer in the film industry. Whether it's a story about a boy trying to earn the respect of his father, the youngest pilot to ever achieve his commercial pilots license, or an Olympic World Cup Skier turned winemaker, Ralph's cutting edge and unique cinematic approach makes for entertaining and related stories fitting for what's needed now in the film industry.

Awards / Career Highlights


52 Weeks Film Festival

 - Best US Short Film for "How To Be A PJ"

Independent Shorts Awards

 - Best Student Director for "How To Be A PJ"

LA Shorts Awards

 - Best Documentary (Diamond Award) for "How To Be A PJ"

One-Reeler Short Film Competition

 - Award of Merit for "Don't Look"

Queen Palm International Film Festival

 - Best Director of a Documentary Short for "How To Be A PJ"

 - Best Short Documentary Film for "How To Be A PJ"

World Film Fair

 - Best Sci Film Short Film for "3 Minute Man"