PHLight (short documentary, 2019)

Director:  Ralph Lucchese

With a passion in aviation, Philip Roszak shows us why he chooses to pursue a career in aviation, and why he's working so hard to achieving his goal.

HOW TO BE A PJ (short documentary, 2019)

Director:  Ralph Lucchese

Get a glimpse of what it takes to become an Air Force Pararescueman. Brian Silva uses his 12+ years of Special Operations and Indoc Instructor experience to mold the body and minds of civilians who attend his two-day preselection training program. (2019 Festival Circuit completion. "Best Documentary Short" and "Best Short Film" at Queen Palm International Film Festival)(

LIFE OF THE PARTY (music video, 2018)

Producer/Story Creator: Ralph Lucchese

The official music video for Call Me Karizma's first single "Life of the Party" off of his upcoming Gloomy Tapes Volume 2.

DON'T LOOK (short concept film, 2018)

Director:  Ralph Lucchese

Strange things begin to happen when Disney's own, Kyle Massey, decides to invite a dark voodoo spirit into his apartment unwillingly. ("Award of Merit" at the One Reeler Shorts Competition)

3 MINUTE MAN (short concept film, 2018) 

Director: Ralph Lucchese

After a rogue A.I. program has overthrown its creators, a brainwashed soldier must decide what's more important: his past life, or his future.

(2018 Festival Circuit completion. "Best Sci-Fi Short Film" at The World Film Fair)

LAST SET (short documentary, 2018)

Director: Ralph Lucchese, DP: Ralph Lucchese

His love for leg day cannot be matched by many. A short documentary about a mans love for the infamous leg day and the positive outlook he has on life.

RUN (music video, 2017)

Director: Brandon Jensen & Ralph Lucchese

In his irresistible new single, “RUN,” singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Brandyn Burnette appropriately asks, “When that moments comes, will you grab it by the horns and run?”

THE MORNING AFTER (short film, 2017)

Director: Ralph Lucchese

It was supposed to be a simple one night stand, but she had other plans in mind.

DP: Ralph Lucchese

TURQUOISE (short concept film, 2016)

After the loss of his son, a man resorts to his computer programming skills to retrieve the subconscious of his deceased son.